Global Culture Series: Good Lee

Patrick Gutensohn, better known as Good Lee, is breaking the boundaries of artistic development. His combinations of breaking (break-dancing) and electronic/ambient productions go hand-in-hand. His self interpretation is a concoction of street blocks and the Austrian Alps. Like many dancers his environment stems his creative upbringing and outputting.

An introvert at heart, breaking has given him "direction, personal growth, self-confidence, and an identity to be creative. My parents thought it was dangerous." He was hooked at an early age and it's been an avid role in his life for 15 years and counting. Dance is his chosen path yet it has unlocked a world of potential professions.

Down-tempo, trip-hop, ambient, and electronica formed a lifestyle that "changed my perspective, interest and personal connection to dance into a slower and more theatrical side." Moreover he began making productions that "tend to reflect the sounds I personally enjoy dancing to."

"The biggest sources behind most of my productions are memories, moments, and places and emotions that connect to a certain time frame. For example, 'Falling' was created from a separation phase and 'Angels' is dedicated to my mom. 'Transcience' came together when I felt the urge to move away from my hometown of Dornbirn. I felt lost yet I realized how short lived everything is."

As positive feedback from his work poured in, his motivation was elevated to continue to do something impactful through music. His latest EP, released in December, is titled "Dust & Dreams". It was never intended to be released but became an unfinished memory keeper, somehow capturing a very special feeling. It finally felt right to work on it last year. Its fluidity and liquid harmonics are an exact replication of its title.

Residing in Austria, nature plays a significant role in his life. His environment personifies transitions of personal experiences to musical productions. In return, he's able to relive those moments through dance.

"I've been residing in Vienna for 3 years now; it's awesome but different for sure. The fact that I can escape into nature in just a short amount of time is pleasing to know. I'm surrounded by a pretty chill atmosphere. There are so many secret gems to discover all over the country, especially in Vorarlberg. You'll find that connection in many of my dance videos and amateur photography too. Having different projects, theatre included, throughout Austria makes me look forward to the train rides with all those lust landscapes. "

If you haven't guessed already, good encompasses him. Stemming from the German word for good, 'gut' is the beginning of his surname and something that's always inevitable.

"An old friend started calling me Gut Lee and it just felt right when I needed a different name when I got into Djing. Lee comes from Bruce Lee and my Asian roots, ha. There is already a famous producer with the name Guti so Gut Lee kept coming back to me.

His positive work extends through all of Mother Nature, which is why he's embraced a vegan lifestyle. Moreover, his diet significantly began impacting his ability to dance and perfect his ear for quality productions.

"This was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. In terms of health, I just feel lighter, more vital. I'm more aware, empathic, sensitive, and connected to my environment. It made me rethink and evolve in my personal beliefs. A few years ago, dedicating a track to polar bears, animals in general, is probably something I wouldn't have done. " Some of his revenue directly supports charities such as 4Ocean and it's a practice he's aspiring to be more involved in.

Good Lee's upcoming EP will be released June 19th under the down-tempo label favorites, Loci Records. This will be his debut release for the label, welcoming him into the innovative family. Loci Records embodies creativity to its core. It includes like-minded engineers and avid-nature loving musicians such as Edamame, Emancipator, Frameworks, Marley Carroll, Tor, and Lee's 'gut' mate Andrew Rothschild.


*photos provided by artist