The Prestigious Cornell University Welcomes Bob Moog's Archives

This weekend hundreds of electronic enthusiasts will flock to Ithaca, New York in celebration. Among them are world renowned singer Gary Numan and musical experimentalist, Suzanne Ciani. Both musicians were heavily influenced by the innovation of Dr. Robert Moog.

His innovations became the milestone moments in musical and technological advancements since the 1960's. The Moog synthesizer propelled disco and dance music to what it is today, not to mention the advancement of engineering that continues to shape our world. But don't just take my word for it...

"The 1964 invention of the Moog synthesizer would forever shape the way we create and hear music. Bob Moog was not only an innovator of electronic music technology but also a collaborator and friend of artists spanning musical genres. Moog instruments have been used by the likes of The Beatles; Stevie Wonder; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Nine Inch Nails; and Daft Punk." - Moog Management

Moreover, the Moog company is composed of engineers of all platforms and factory based in Asheville, North Carolina. And each year hundreds of experimental minds and musicians make the pilgrimage to the annual Moog Festival. It highlights the past, present, and future advancements alongside some of the best global entertainers and visionaries. From workshops to dance clubs, it's one of the most educational festivals on the planet. Intrigued? Check my early review of Moog Fest from 2014 here.

So what makes the Moog synthesizer the equivalent to a Steinway in terms of pianos? Who best to learn from than the man himself, featured in the following documentary.

Complete Cornell University celebration line up here.