DJ Six 9 & Christopher Nagle Tag-Team On EP

As the world increasingly works from home and host virtual events, this creative trend has always been the bond for David Campbell, aka DJ Six 9, and singer-songwriter Christopher Nagle. They came across each other talents through the live stream application, liveme, and three years later their subtle summer anthem "Broken Dreams" was born.

Their latest creation, "Sparrow," catches the ear with levels of tonalities. The scale of the keyboard gives a mysterious introduction, quickly accompanied by the bass guitar. The lofty guitar strings and a melodic piano chorus blend in with a subtropical beat. Christopher's vocals softly serenade you while transcending to a Balearic soundscape. Despite the island vibe, the lyrics suggest a sense of longing for a permeant home, "like an arrow in these streets, no one seems to care or notice me. Just another sparrow in the wind, looking for a place to settle in."

"Sparrow was a way for me to express how it felt being alone and free to move like a bird." Music is one the most sought out forms of expression, and for Christopher, it is a lifeline despite the deep and dark subject. "It has its vibe from the strange chord progression to its light and dark category."

Initially, an acoustic recording, David Campbell, aka DJ Six 9 wanted to "create a sound the represented balance." Moreover, he adds: "This song also represents not giving up on the word that you give to people."

They are examples that you don't have to be physically present to be one with the music.

Instagram: djsix9offical + chriztophernagle