Review: Above & Beyond Presents Flow State Album

From Trance Around the World; showcasing some of the most refined trance/progressive tunes, to Group Therapy; continuing the theme with musical family awareness. From acoustic sets in hot air balloons to orchestral sets at The Greek, from pop stars to game soundtracks and even NASA; Above & Beyond have lived up their alias since the beginning. As independent artists, and label owners, it truly is living the dream. With the incline in mental health awareness and embracing Anjuafamily members, they are proud to present their latest project: Flow State, an instrumental album free of words, yet, flowing with subtle sounds of classical, new-age europhia.

If you've been listening to them long enough, you can hear glimpses of their signature patterns much like the introductions of their former dance albums. And that's exactly how they start, with "Great Falls", the rise in melody adds to the anticipation of what is yet to come. Predictably, piano chords follow and they all come together in the end with almost no disconnection between the tracks. Rounding out the album are the very memorable introductions just described: "Small Moments" from Anjunabeats 10, "Sun in Your Eyes" from Group Therapy, and "Common Ground" from self-titled album. This has been a significant theme among all their albums because it's a story and how you interpret it is just as meaningful as why they produced it. It touches the core of your being, pulling at those heart strings, awakening you into your deepest thoughts and memories.

"Solarized" is an abrupt ending to the focused album, but a much happier tone. One that you can wiggle your toes and fingers to bringing you back to the present, keeping that contentment in check.

Together with yogi Elena Brower, and her buttery voice, they provide a guided practice that resembles spoken word pieces perfectly timed. Moreover, they teamed up with Daybreaker, an event company specializing in morning dance themes. The trifecta networking has been able to provide a Flow State experience of guided meditation at a serene location, summed up by dance party. There's still some time to experience this for yourself.

This team effort comes at no surprise if you've ever attended Above & Beyond Group Therapy live, ABGT, a two day dance event. The second day of dancing they bring forth an open air experience, which is the precourse to Flow State experiences, a yoga session prior to a deep house party.

Whether it's at a serene location, the office, the airport, or even home, the message is clear: start at the headspace. There's a reason why instrumental music is moveable. It allows us the ability to flow into emotions, as quickly as they came, whatever your interpretation. Above & Beyond and their team have always been firm believers in humbling messages of self care and the care of others. Group Therapy, We Are All We Need, and even Common Ground are just the album titles but a full representation of their foundation. Despite the negative sets backs of working within the entertainment industry, they continue to push forward with their productions, ranging from an array of genres. These classically trained minds are evident and full of positive outcomes. So what will they think of next? Cirque du Soleil?

Above & Beyond