John Digweed Releases Last Night [Bedrock Records] + Tour

Underground visionary John Digweed continues his acclaimed 'Live in...' compilation series with 'Last Night at Output', commemorating the ultimate closing set at the Brooklyn clubbing institution. Recorded live on New Year's Eve 2018, those in attendance can now celebrate this night in dance music history with this special musical memento and collector's item. Featuring over 70 tracks played throughout the 10-hour set will be released in a limited edition 6xCD box set, 4-set vinyl package, and for the ultimate dance music collectors, a limited signed and numbered vinyl release.

From sadness to joy, I had so many mixed emotions and an overwhelming pressure to deliver a party that a club of that stature deserves. The 10-hour set seemed to fly by and there was just a constant sea of smiling faces. After listening back to the set, I knew this album had to come out and not just be another mix online. It deserved to be a part of music collections and a memento for years to come. I hope you can immerse yourself in one oof my favorite sets in New York for years to come. - John Digweed

A New York favorite since his Twilo residency in the 90's and globally in-demand DJ/producer talent, Digweed's respect and admiration for Output's forward-thinking policies, and now clubbing legacy appears once again in his 'Live in...' mix compilation series following his 2017 'Live in Brooklyn' album, also recorded at Output. An Output regular since opening its doors in 2013, the Bedrock Records label head had playlist the club a dozen times in its six year run including three consecutive New Year's Eve appearances. Capturing the musical and emotional atmosphere of the club on its final night.

May 18 Rosario, Argentina @ Metropolitano
May 19 Córdoba, Argentina @ Forja Centro
May 24 Amsterdam, Holland @ De Markkantine
*June 8 Sydney, Australia @ The Ivy
*June 9 Sydney, Australia @ The Ivy
June 14 Mexico City, Mexico @ Cookie Presents
June 15 Dallas, USA @ Stereo Live
June 16 Houston, USA @ Stereo Live
*July 4 Athens, Greece @ Bolivar Bar
July 12 USA @ TBA
July 13 Montreal, Canada @ AIM Festival
*July 23 Ibiza, Spain @ Resistance Ibiza at Privilege
July 26 USA @ TBA
July 27 USA @ TBA
*August 4 Montpellier, France @ Family Piknik
August 7 Viana do Castelo, Portugal @ Neopop Festival
August 10 Zurich, Switzerland @ Streetparade
*August 13 Ibiza, Spain @ Resistance Ibiza at Privilege
*August 27 Ibiza, Spain @ Resistance Ibiza at Privilege
*September 3 Ibiza, Spain @ Resistance Ibiza at Privilege
*September 17 Ibiza, Spain @ Resistance Ibiza at Privilege

*with Sasha