Sofia Kourtesis Releases Self Titled EP

It's always lovely to see women within the music movement. For the multi-cultural artist, Sofia Kouresis, Sofia Kouresis EP is just the first leg of a long experimental journey. She takes a different approach to house music with mingles of passenger subway rides and natural loops. Much like her atmosphere, her music knows no boundaries; yet it is bound to bring a fresh outlook on experimental/electronic music. Kouresis is also set to announce a US Tour this summer.

She "channels experiences of her transatlantic existence between hometowns, Lima and Berlin, through a torrent of sound; presenting us with a collection of tracks all firmly rooted in contemporary dance floors. A self-described 'traveling bedroom producer', Sofia started the process of writing her solo debut with a journey into the Amazon jungle. Stops were made in front of a dusty Juno-106 in her Berlin bedroom and at a mysterious Tokyo flea-market. We're a bit fuzzy on the details but we're pretty sure this record comes packed with the kind of energy and runaway imagination only a really strong debut release could possess. "

Sofia Kouresis EP is now available for purchase/digital stream here.