Marley Carroll Releases Sweeping Flight Patterns Album [Loci Records]

Marley Carroll is on an electronic theme of his own; although he is compared to Four Tet and Tycho. His passion for nature and the universe run beyond track titles; interweaving his physical environment with this spiritual thought process.

"I feel like sometimes the best thing you can do is to go outside and point a microphone at the sky. Music studios are designed to be these perfectly-sealed enclosures where the environment is precisely controlled and you're surrounded on all sides by a nest of reassuring technology. Now my attention is towards the expansive sonic colors of outdoor spaces. This elevated sensitivity to the interlocking rhythms of the natural world is the heart of this record. I think it represents a widening of my perspective and a renewed appreciation for the astonishing totality of nature".

Track Lising
Seven Crows
Luna Moth
After Ours

Available on all listening platforms here.

12.14 Album Release Party @ The Mothlight, Asheville, NC (Tickets).