Dusky - Amongst The Gods [17 Steps]

Seldom does a piece of music resemble the emotion it wishes to express. Intuitively this work is the pure essence of conjuring "the feels". From the start, it distresses the neurological senses while distributing goosebumps, setting off a chain reaction. As intended by music, it dubs down blissful moments: a slow-motion reel of dance, a signature kiss in the middle of chaos, or soft raindrops on the skin; each one breathing in the moment. Quite simply it is the sensation of being present.

The building of heavy progressive beats become the drive to strive for something outside of oneself. The electronic synthetic sounds become the twists and turns of butterflies in stomaches or an anticipated adrenaline rush. A brilliant touch of fade is added to bring in the suppleness of keyboard chords; creating an ascent into the clouds or simply cloud nine. Together with a dab of vocal harmony for a heavenly human effect. The thumping bass kicks in halfway through signaling the burst of passion in the moment. The producers nailed the signature trance silence stopper by beautifully fading out every element, just to bring all back to life. This is an essential timing technique which classifies the end of the moment and continuing of life around it.

The delicious duo dubbed Dusky are craftsmen in the art of electronic dance music. Amongst The Gods is their 2018 debut off their upcoming EP Aset Forever, available September 14. They bring about an early "house" era into a modern audience with sheer simplicity of breakdowns and selection of resonance. But don't just take my word for it...

Appropriately titled, Amongst The Gods, rejuvenates the relationship between emotion and musical representation. Whether you defend or deny the philosophy that music, itself, cannot produce emotion, this is an instrumental depiction of neither happiness or sadness. It's purely in the ear of the listener to decide the moment it takes them to. Perhaps a false one yet still hope.

17 Steps