Gypsy & Me

From North Carolina to South America and everywhere in between, Gypsy & Me are the perfect traveling companions and musical missionaries. These civil souls are always "grateful for the opportunity to share [their] story". They hope that their passion in music and life and resonate with their listeners. I met these two at one of the best Low-County venues, Awendaw Green. It's the perfect embrace for traveling musicians to mingle with the locals.

Mike Moore and Kyzandrha Zarate have an array of talents that may start with a guitar and few vocals but end with a lifetime experience. They use the sounds of train tracks and airport noises to capture their lyrics and the ultimate musical essence. Although they have settled in North Carolina, it's very unmistakable that the world captures their home and hearts too.

How did your artist name come about?

Mike had written a song called “Gypsy in Me” before our collaboration, so when it came time to think of a band name, Gypsy & Me came to mind. It perfectly suited us and is a conversation starter… who's who?

You guys rang in the New Year with a new album, Road Sweet Home. Tell us a bit more about the album.

Road Sweet Home is a soundtrack about life on the road as well as a shift from conventionalism to simplistic living with a focus on what's most important in life. Half of the tracks were written while Mike worked a job that had him traveling 300 days out of the year. The other half was written after Mike moved to be closer to [Kyzandrha] and following our move to the mountains. This opportunity was placed before us and we took it and ran. While people on the outside may have considered this to be too risky, it felt like destiny. The music began flowing and Road Sweet Home was born.

It’s very evident in your lyrics and choice of production that you guys are global scholars. Which destinations have benefited you guys musically?

National and State Parks on the West Coast, along with our many road trips, have had the most influence on us musically. Mike had lived a life on the road and I had yet to experience seeing these amazing places in person. Once they visited these places together, the spark to experience as much of this world together was lit. When you're hiking the Grand Canyon or at the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion, you realize how small you are and how small our problems are in the grand scheme of things. Living full and free is a mindset and one of the greatest achievements in anyone's life.

Any crazy travel tales?

On Mike's side of things, it's hard to say. Through his year’s of travel, he's come back to his hotel room in San Francisco to find a girl he didn't know in his room… lived with Monks in California for a few days… watched a couple of guys drinking out of their friend’s fake leg at a bar… saw a tour bus flip in India… and most significant of all, met our current landlord on a random hike in the mountains. He drove 6 hours North to hike Raven’s Cliff, and on that peaceful hike met a man coming down the mountain who offered us the opportunity to caretake his land and cabins! Together, we've hiked to the top of a volcano in Antigua, Guatemala where we camped through a thunderstorm and watched the neighboring volcano erupt. Aside from being absolutely amazing, it was one of the most mentally and physically challenging experiences. Most recently, we traveled to Ireland and through five countries in Asia. The memories and photos collected are priceless. We hope to visit a few more countries before 2019.

You’ve spent some time on sandy shores but now you’re stationed in the alluring Blue Ridge Mountains. Describe Brevard and how does it shape you as a musician?

Though from time to time we miss the sandy shores, mountain life has been a breath of fresh air. From the friendly people to simplistic cabin living, our ability to focus on the music and what's important has been really great for the mind and soul. We are surrounded by talented musicians and incredible landscape. This change in lifestyle and focus on living well has already been heavily reflected in our next album in the works. We are very excited on the progress made.

I love how you incorporate other talents with your music. What was the inspiration to create jewelry?

[Kyzandrha] was a jewelry designer for years before the collaboration and Mike was a collector of stones, fossils, shells & other elements from his travels around the world. We now travel together and want to showcase our finds as well as give listeners the ability to take a piece of our experiences home with them. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made by hand. We love offering unique merchandise at our shows.

Speaking of inspirations, what does your listening palate consist of?

We are inspired by old and current country as well as American artists in the singer/songwriter genre. We share a passion for creative storytelling and a “live and learn” mindset which makes our music relatable to each and every listener.

What does music mean to you?

Music is a universal language. It can also be very therapeutic. In that regard, it's our way to reach people whether they're listening in a bar or listening in the privacy of their home. Our music speaks a message bringing self revelation. Sometimes we don't even grasp it's significance in our own lives until the song is complete.



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