SondorBlue's "You Will Find Love On Ashley Avenue" EP Review + Tour

Charleston based singer songwriters, SondorBlue, have opened up their porch, as well as their hearts, with their second EP release You Will Find Love On Ashley Avenue. Despite the simple step from island town to island city, they have really captured the essence of their up-bringing while striving towards a positive future. Their soft, subtle tones and soulful lyrics from last year's Realometer EP have gracefully aged with the boys' personalities and experiences from, you guessed it, right here on Ashley Ave.

Although they are just starting to shape their internal sound, it's very clear where they draw their influences from:

"Our parents grew up listening to [The Police], but we all never really sat down and truly "listened". On one of our longer tours down to Florida, we listened to them exclusively and fell in love. We really connected with their reggae songwriting style and their live show energy. They definitely rubbed off a great bit of inspiration on us, so much so that we wanted to cover [Walking On The Moon]. - John Sheehan

While, Walking On The Moon is a separate side piece from the EP, it certainly has played its part on creating a more bolder, rock heavy tone for Andrew Halley, Connor Hollifield, John Sheehan, and Drew Lewis.

You can read more about their earlier influences here.

If you're new to the SondorBlue crew, Ashley Ave is a beautiful acoustic introduction to all the Sondor feels, (and an introduction to their cat Jude). And as the starter of the EP, it is the perfect song placement to re-introducing the band on their latest genre journey. This cozy tune welcomes the world right into their living room, spreading the tongues of universal love and self-awareness.

I Hate Living Like This is a pure persuasive track driven by early 1960's Beatles work: whistles, harmonious vocals, the chitter/chatter between bandmates of encouragement, and explosive guitar and drum works. The real power, however, comes from the message of we all need space sometimes/take time away and get along.

The soul-seeker of the album comes from Escape!. A tale of getting out of one's mind and taking off into a place. For the guys it's that step from the island town of Hilton Head to the island city of Charleston. Nevertheless, with lyrics such as I retreat from you inside/A darken island is my mind/You expect me to breathe/drag me down and let me be we all find ourselves, at some point in our lives, asking why are [we] running? Musically the low guitar riffs throughout the piece cue in key elements: the scaled introduction, the breakdown, and ending (featuring blurred whispers).

The goal of music is to entrap one in a moment that can be revisited. This is well captured with the folk-rock rub perfectly named A Beautiful Dream. What a beautiful place for a fiddle to make its debut between the music trailing off and an a cappella rising; only for everything to be rotund back together.

Ending out the EP is another lyrical launcher, Opinions. This piece portrays some of the advise (and the latter) that helped steer SondorBlue to what they are today and where they continue to be. As a young group on the edge of world domination, everybody's got something to say and leaving them to figure out who can I trust?.

Personally, SondorBlue is joining the ranks of The Beatles, Coldplay, Karsh Kale, U2, Incubus, Bob Marley, and Above & Beyond...just to name a few of my favorites (lyrically speaking) putting in quality over quantity and literally bringing the world together, one track at a time.

Official EP release party tickets for purchase here.

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