Charleston Music Confab 2017: Panel Highlights: Streaming

"Streaming - Don't Be Scared!" by Kurt Scheml (SSA, General Manager), David Wyatt (USC, Sports & Entertainment Law Professor), John Marks (Spotify), Beverly Keel (Chair/Professor of MTSU's Department of Recording Industry and Music Journalist), Lou Plaia (ReverbNation, Co-Founder), and Jerrod Wilkins (General Assembly, Founder).

It's easier for artists to get their music out online vs. a spot on the radio. This is largely due to how the technology has changed  the music industry over the years. Now a days, cars and computers opt out of cd players. According to the 2016 Billboard Charts, streaming overtook physical sales altogether a by 30. The new trend of touring for an album release has reversed. Now artists need to release to promote an upcoming tour. With the decline in album sales, the amount of ticket/merchandise sales are essential to an artist's survival. In addition, the majority of streaming sales go to the labels where they own individual stakes. So where does that leave the artist? Just like the rest of us, balancing passions with day jobs is now a new musical trend. It all comes down in needing to change the legislation in improve artist's rights. 

Panel advice:
- Be searchable as possible as an artist. (In other words, "be deeper than the playlist").
- Video responds better to images. (Individual artist data may vary so do what works best for you). 
- Go where the fans are. (If you're based out of Columbia but you're listeners are in Asheville, book shows there). 
- Social media IS your instant feedback. (Listen to your fans, friends, and family and see where you can adapt).
- Add a stream link to your business cards and social media account.
- Add your music to playlist with bigger names or names of a festival. (Create a playlist with a combine of your favorite artists with your own OR create one with a festival title. That way your music is searchable in addition to other artists).
- Information management is ESSENTIAL. (There are plenty of tools such as Hootsuite or even an intern to help with this mundane task. Either way get familiar with managing your daily tasks with or without help). 

Charleston Music Confab: