Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston Present "My Own Hymn" [Anjunabeats]

Counting down to ABGT250, the trio of trance are steaming full ahead with their 13 year co-pilot, Zoe Johnston, to bring us another mellow melody. My Own Hymn is another lyrically moving piece  that still harbors rhythmic productions from their 2015 album, We Are All We Need. Nevertheless, My Own Hymn, in conjunction with last month's feature of Tightrope, is the future representations of Above & Beyond. 

"My Own Hymn is an ode to compassion, forgiveness and celebration of the self. It's about climbing out of suffering. Most of us have the freedom to make choices in life. We can choose to alter our perceptions, especially if they are proving harmful to our souls. We can also choose to ignore the perceptions of others if they are causing damage or doubt. If the songs containing other people's scripts don't ring true, we can write our own hymns of kindness, to celebrate the good in us, and make a decision to tip our chins to the sun again". - Zoe Johnston

*Tickets to the ABGT250 celebration at The George in Washington Sept. 16 & 17, 2017 are still available*

Above & Beyond