Spotify: Are You Using Its Full Potential?

*This image was taken from the Spotify website.*

As any avid music lover, Spotify is an essential tool in advancing your tuneful education. Unbeknownst to myself, I was not aware of its full use of an application until a friend opened my eyes and ears to a vast world of limitless music supply. I'm still a believer in Pandora ($4/mo. for no ads) when I'm in the shower or on the road because I enjoy the ease of skipping tracks and letting them run its course. But now that I'm using Spotify on a daily basis, I want to share the news for all my readers and avid music fans. Maybe you already know the following or still haven't jumped on the download train, either way, I hope you learned something new!

For those of you new to the application, Spotify is a free streaming music application ($10/mo for no ads; which is recommended because there are quite a few and no one wants to be in the tub relaxing to Sinatra and then wondering why this man is yelling about their credit score).

Spotify is free to download but requires a little bit more attention to learning its basic features. (I'm going off this from the use of my iMac, not my phone so it may be a different screen). You can make some of these features public or private in your settings (right under your user name, top left).

Left bar:
- browse playlists made by the Spotify team or other users.
- listen to "radio stations" by artists you search/listen to.
- Your Daily Mix is a playlist designed for YOUR musical interested. The list is endless.
- Your favorite songs/albums/artists/stations.
- Local files from your iTunes library or other. This somewhat automatically syncs to the application for Mac users (not sure about other computer users).
- Playlists. This is where you can go crazy on the creative side. Say you're listening to a song that you looked up on the search bar and you want to save it. Well add/name a playlist and drag the song from the bottom bar where the song is being shown while you listen to it. It's that simple. Create as many playlists as your hearts content. You can also follow friend's playlists and it will show up here as well.
- Discover Weekly. This hidden gem is what makes it so additive. Every Monday the Spotify team adds tracks based on your interests and starts over the following Monday. So be sure to save those tracks you love to your playlist or favorite songs by the end of the weekend.

Bottom Bar:
- The song you are currently listening to. You can repeat the song, skip back or forwards just as normal for listening on your boombox and media player. To add the song to your playlist or favorites just drag the album cover and hover it over your desired location. Done!

Right bar:
- Friend Activity. This is a fun feature to see your heavy metal buddies belting out to some Celine Dion. When you sign up for Spotify, you can add your friends in the process. This bar shows which friend is currently playing what track and at what time. You can hover your mouse over and just as easily listen to the same track without changing screens. (If you're on my list, congrats you're awesome!)

Now I'm sure that there are several video tutorials out there for the visual learner, like myself, but I just wanted to share this awesome discovery. I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to add suggestions and anything I might have missed.



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