Billie Fountain & SondorBlue @ Music Farm 10/30/2016

The night before Halloween brought plenty of chills and thrills, but not the kind one might expect from the haunted Holy City. The Music Farm was bustling with friends and family members buzzing about local newcomers SondorBlue. It was a harmonic picture of support for the College of Charleston boys, celebrating their first EP release. In addition, the band of Billie Fountain were asked to join the stage...which was certainly a treat!

Billie Fountain, hands down or up, proved to be one of the sexiest performances (in my concert viewing history). The combination of new wave and electronic melodies is matched by an intoxicating personality. Front-runner Corey Webb and band-mates were the essence of on-stage persona: costumes, make-up, keyboards and bass; all adding to the synth-dance experience. Webb's haunting vocals emanated from behind the mic and drawed in each listener individually. Their performance was an absolute hypnotic ride complete with goosebumps. Their calm charisma off-stage, and their creative merchandising, makes me question why I haven't heard of them sooner.

As Connor, John, Andrew, and Drew took to the stage, the crowd huddled up for the anticipated performance of the evening. The attendees were treated to a viewing of their documentary, which showcased their struggles and sounds of SondorBlue. As the guys settled in, you could feel the elation pouring from their faces. The kind of high rushed feeling of living in the moment while living the dream. They performed all the songs from their debut EP Realometer: "Extra!Extra (What's Going On)", "Linger", "The Moon And You", and "More Than Reality" (currently airing on 105.5 The Bridge). Moreover, they performed a few covers, joked with each other and even sung about their beloved cat, Jude. And what better way for John to celebrate his twenty-first birthday! The entire venue sang in conjunction while he treated us to his violin afterwards. Their soft voices and acoustic harmonies colliding with Drew's drum skills really bring out fulfillment of "the feels". The kind that moves ears to tears and makes one want to marry music (or maybe that's just me). The masses were calling for a second encore but for the predominately acoustic-rock heroes it was their night to end on their note, a high note.

I highly encourage getting the opportunity to see both performers; these are equally the kind of musicians you trip on the sidewalk and fall in love with.

"Realometer" is now available on iTunes and Spotify!

Billie Fountain