Edamame Presents Ochre Album [Loci Records] 7/22/16

Following the stunning success of his previous full length album releases, Edamame is joining up with experimental/ambient electronic music powerhouse Emancipator for the next release on his Loci Records imprint. Already having secured support from XLR8R, "Ochre" is set for release on 7/22.

Ironically enough, the man behind the downtempo "Ochre" album comes from a metal/rock background, having begun the Edamame project after years on the road touring with various bands. "I always had a soft spot for ambient and more chilled out melodic music though, even when I was surrounded by screaming and heavy guitar riffs," he told the Chicago Tribune in an exclusive piece. “Ochre” is his 10th album, a monumental achievement that was inspired by a recent trip to perform at a music festival in Guatemala. Rather than using solely computerized samples, Edamame used naturally derived sounds and field recordings on his phone of organic samples like birds chirping and outside chatter to show off his various inspirations from around the world. For Edamame, music is not merely a hobby, it’s a method of introspection, transformation, and a personal comfort zone in which he can truly express his creativity and vision.

Hailing from Chicago, Edamame is the stage name of 27-year-old ambient electronic music producer Ed Harris. With sounds equally inspired by the great outdoors and the worldís divergent cultures, Ed's productions often teem with organic sonic textures personally field-recorded during his planetary exploration. Edamame has carved out his unique sound by synthesizing instrumental hip hop with downtempo melodies further informed by his deep love for world music. From his musical beginnings a trombonist, he became a nationally touring death metal vocalist before gradually growing out of screaming on stage. Ed made the 180-degree musical transition to creating what he in his own words describes as ìsongs that make you float, nourishing a previously underserved love for ambient electronic music in the process. 303 Magazine describes Ed's music as ìmore of an organic experience than emotion-provoking, inviting his listeners on a brainwave joyride. Since starting in 2012, Edamame has played live to fans on both coasts as well as internationally, prompting music from his nine albums to score thousands of downloads in addition to airtime on radio stations around the world.

Full Tracklist:

1. So Flows A Current
2. Tongue
3. Echinacea
4. Up Escalators
5. Tree Shadows
6. Ochre
7. Indigo Pigments
8. The Silver Lining (feat. Handbook)
9. Abacus
10. Llevar

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