Robert Vadney Presents Man On The Moon - Review

From the depths of the dark, I gladly welcome the Tim Burton of Trance/Progressive, Mr. Robert Vadney. His music is a fulfilling journey of human emotion, bad-assery, and mediative melodies of ethnic influences. Simply put: It is what music should sound like and what musicians should strive to understand. Electronic-dance music is currently forgotten by its roots and mislead by the uneducated masses. Vadney is a breathe of fresh originality.

In addition to his haunting Late Night Tales series and the soul-clenching single Heart of Darkness, comes the astronomical stimulation that is Man On The Moon. Released on Puslar Dark Recordings from his upcoming trance album Cosmic Trance Mission.

Soft spacey tones welcomes in the vocal introduction, as if the listener is floating effortlessly. The the lack of gravity is an apparent tone and is vital to this production. Thumping bass-lines kick in with sonar echos of late 90's electronica, like shooting stars. The breakdown captures the image of looking onward from the Moon: an eastern vibe sweeps over like the sun peeking over the Earth and explodes into deep tech masses of the universe. The climax brings together the big picture and the production ends as it began and the Earth has turned.

Man On The Moon "doesn't fully rely" on the former electronic sounds of the 90's and early 2000's. "Yet it is living evidence of their influence" and deliciously combines originality and Vadney's signature style to a respective audience.

Internally it is as if Vadney himself is watching over Earth and sending us a message of hope and a reminder to look within the deep space of our souls and how connected we are to the universe. "He is the man on the moon" but you won't find him just sitting there...

Man On The Moon is currently available on all online retailers. Preview here.


Robert Vadney