Interview with MiMR

MiMR, formally known as Christian Crouch, is one of several electronic-dance DJs popping up throughout the low-country. He is apart of the semi-annual series of Inertia, Charleston's own EDM event, and plays throughout a string of venues downtown.

What does music mean to you?

Some of my greatest interests in life are science, technology, and art. So my greatest passion is obviously something that encompasses all three: music.

Where do you see EDM or music in general heading and how does it affect your work?

It is getting more technical for sure. I like how producers are blending different styles. I don't really like adhering to genre guidelines, I think it is an unnecessary distraction from what EDM is all about. That is why I look for music that is progressing and breaks molds.

Relate the previous standpoint to Charleston, South Carolina.

EDM in Charleston is still in the baby stages compared to some of the bigger cities but it is definitely becoming increasingly more popular as more mainstream music adopts EDM sounds.

As an electronic DJ and/or producer, how would you like your music, or the music you choose to influence people and why?

As I alluded to earlier, I think that EDM should be about having a good time and less focused on what genre or whether or not you know the lyrics. When I first started going to raves in Atlanta I rarely knew what songs were playing. All I knew was that the energy everyone else was vibing on was contagious. I was hooked and the allure came from the atmosphere that the music and the people created. That is what I hope to convey to the crowd with my mixes. I want to take them on an adventure into uncharted territory and experience something they haven't felt before.

Name a few of your inspirations and what specifically do they bring to table that catches your attention.

The first time I ever listened to Bassnectar and Liquid Stranger, it was the moment I really connected to EDM. Prior to hearing those guys I thought EDM was an obnoxious fad that would never become popular (I'm glad I was wrong). Liquid Stranger is probably my favorite of the two. I just love his unique sound that he bends into many different styles. [Because] his musical style is liquid, it can take on any shape. That is definitely the inspiration behind the way I approach DJing. Some other honorable mentions: MartyParty, Kaytranda, Ryan Hemsworth, Zeds Dead, AC Slater, Seven Lions, Figure, and Cashmere Cat.

Anything you wish to add?

Close your eyes, open your mind, and let the music take you away.