Cobblestones of Charleston: Unspok3n Concept

Charleston, South Carolina is a melting pot of homegrown talent that has something for everyone. Amongst the diamonds in the rough are the diverse duo Unspok3n Concept. They are hear to grace your ears with underlining messages of life within a vast genre spectrum. These women ARE what Charleston's music scene is about.

First off thank you for taking the time to be apart of this interview. You recently recorded a music video for your latest single Take You Home. Tell us how that experience went and what this means for your music?

It was a lot of fun but also a new learning experience. We directed the video, choreography, and overall concept ourselves. The video really allowed us to show our versatility as artists and our other hidden talents. The video is vital to our music because it allows our listeners to put a face to the music, and we feel that connecting with the audience and giving them something to look forward to is important.

Listening to your music there’s quite an array of musical styles. It seems that you just wanted to capture whatever comes to your soul, am I right?

Yes! You are absolutely right. We are true music lovers. We listen to many different genres from Electro, Blues, to Country. Some of our favorite artists and influences are Etta James, Erykah Badu, The Internet, Gwen Bunn, Gnarls Barkley, Alabama Shakes, Bonnie Rait, Jimi Hendrix and The Roots. We want to create a fresh sound that you normally wouldn’t hear on the radio now a day.

What inspired you both to become musicians?

We both grew up with a love for not only listening to music, but the passion to create music as well. We come from a heritage deeply rooted in music. Scooby’s father, Isreal Singleton, started playing piano when he was 6 years old simply because his mother mentioned that she always wanted to play; however, her parents could not afford the 25 cents to send her to lessons. Singleton went on to become a music teacher, recording quartet singer, and musician for two churches in which he is actively playing today. Cheray Rage’s mother, Alterea Gilliard, is a singer and vocal coach and her father, Gerald Griffin, is a guitar player. They both have been on the music scene well before Cheray Rage was born and continue to [perform] gigs in Charleston. Because of our parents, we found ourselves singing at every open mic and karaoke bar we could find. The feedback was crazy positive and we learned that people liked our sound. We genuinely enjoyed performing but were not satisfied just doing covers. We both write poetry and have won several awards in our school days. The funny thing is that we never thought about turning our poems and short stories into songs until now.

You are also featured on MTV Artists BETA. That’s pretty significant.

Yes MTV Artist [online] is very helpful! We must say it is the industry’s best kept secret. It allows artists to promote their music and grow their fan base. We are super blessed to have that connection. It is really an awesome networking tool.

Expanding to a full band, how has this progressed your musical styles?

It has been very exciting expanding to a full band. From the start it was want we wanted Unspok3n Conc3pt to be. Now having linked up with musicians that have the same dream and work ethic is unimaginable. Working with tracks was okay, but we felt limited with what we could do live. A band just brings this whole other element of connection. The recording quality takes the performance aspect to another level.

Where can people catch your next live performance?

All you have to do is go to our website and click on the performances tab and all of our events and live performances are listed. You can also check with us on social media too. We are heavily in the studio rehearsing with the band to get our sound crisp for future bookings.

My favorite question here: What does music mean to you?

Music means so many things in so many ways. It’s therapeutic. We listen to music everyday and it is a vital part of our lives. It’s an outlet for positive energy to flow and release any negativity that we are sure to face day to day.

Again thank you for taking the time to be apart of this interview. Anything you would like to add for your readers?

Yes check us out online! Feel free to talk to us, we love to hear from listeners or even folks who want to collaborate and/or discuss ideas and intellect. First album I Found You is dropping late this summer with all new songs and introduction to the band. Don’t forget you create the world you live in!