Sauce, Sass, & Sizzle: Sirsy

Had the pleasure of meeting this dynamic duo at the 2012 & 2013 Takeover Charleston @ The Sparrow in North Charleston, South Carolina. Melanie is master of multi-talents, serving as the lead vocals, drummer, and flute player. Rich lays down some serious guitar riffs and chords at various angles. Together they are a super sweet saucy special of indie with pop melodies. Currently touring the US by fan donations and support. Recently, they released a new album Coming Into Frame as well as their first music video which is now featured regularly on MTVU.

Although full of kick-assry, Rich & Mel have a mellowness about them that ties in well with their passion to play and produce music. They are extremely thankful to have the opportunity to do what they love and welcome fans with open arms.


What's the meaning behind the name Sirsy?

It's my nickname. My sister called me sirsy instead of sissy. She's the only one that called me that. Figured it would be a cool band name.

How long have you been performing?

The very first day of 9th grade, the guy behind me in homeroom said that he played guitar and that I should play bass so we could get girls. Never had lessons but got experiences through playing with other people. Switched to guitar when I played with Mel since 2005.

First instrument was vocals and dad played piano just for fun, old school rock and roll. Singing basically since I could talk. Growing up with a piano, never took lessons, and used it as a song writing tool. I wanted to play saxophone because I saw the cartoon Snoopy playing it and he wore sunglasses. So I figured that it must be a cool instrument since everyone who wore sunglasses was cool. Or at least that's what I thought in the 4th grade Mom said that the sax was $600 and the flute was $200 [went with cheaper deal]. Also wanted to be part of a marching band.

How did Sirsy come about and did you have a specific goal in mind?

We goofed around with other bands and Rich had the idea to write songs ["Hurricane" off their first album]. Didn't have a specific goal and luckily we clicked and went from there.

That's why we are a two piece because we are on the same page.

Many have dubbed you guys as a 'saucy-funk' band. Agreeable?

Yes our dynamic, depending on the crowd, but we do have quite a few somber to saucy. Live shows, in general, is pretty energetic. Our goal is for people to let go and enjoy the show.

Had a great connection to "Brave & Kind" off your latest album, Coming Into Frame. Would you mind explaining the inspiration behind this track?

I don't really like to talk about the songs because I don't want listeners to feel it from my point of view. I want you to hear a song that we've written and apply it to something that is relevant for you. After we played that song at a show in PA, a lady came up to us and said that it made her feel like everything is going to be okay after loosing her job.

Favorite Highlights

Still amazed everyday that my job is making music and performing and something I thought I would never achieve. As the saying goes, "if you do what you love you never work a day in your life".

Singing along to songs that we've written. A piece of art that we created reacts with other people.

Ear-catching from the very first note, Coming Into Frame has textures of "sauce and somber" that is full of surprises for all ages. Mel's vocals and Rich's guitar riffs are well harmonized and applauded for 100% originality. Not to mention the flow of the drum rhythms! The album depicts some of life's questions lyrically in a variety of musical styles, again reinforcing this an all audience artist.

Cannonball Full on funk attitude
Lionheart A blast of bluesy rockabilly w/an A+ tempo
Picture Basic rock blend and beginning of 1990's alternative reminisces (album's core)
Brave And Kind Lyrically heart-wrenching with a semi-upbeat tempo equaling a smooth equilibrium
Killer Stressful riffs accenting the darker theme; yet, optimistic.
Red Letter Days An upbeat filler to the album with variation in guitar melodies
Gold A sweet serenade of guitar tranquility and tear-jerking lyrics
Lot Of Love Repetitive positive vibes, sure to be a family favorite!
She's Coming Apart Rounding back to full-force rocky rhythms
The Cost Of You A unique tale of strings and elongated vocals - a superb surprise ending.