Must Have Ears Episode 1

My first edition of Must Have it a go. This will feature albums and artists on the rise with mini introductions and links for your earbuds :)

City and Colour - The Hurry and The Harm

Still a stand out group of acoustic accountability but with a bit more variation. Dallas Green, lead vocals, stated that he wanted make a "true and honest album". There is no argument and with ghostly chords like his, it's a drawn-in towards all ears. Currently touring Europe and will reach the US this fall (a usual annual treat).

Sirsy - Coming Into Frame

Had the pleasure of knowing this dynamic duo from New York! Melanie is master of multi-talents, serving as the lead vocals, drummer, and flute player. Rich lays down some serious guitar riffs and chords at various angles. Together they are a super sweet saucy special of rockabilly and funk. Currently touring the US by fan donations and support. (album review & interviews in the works)

Mutefish - On Draught

Meet these guys while touring Dublin last month. They drew the biggest crowd on Grafton St., similar to our King and Market streets here in Charleston. A bit of a corky bunch (aren't the best musicians a bit mad?) but the musical passion was undeniable. Jethro Tull + country = Mutefish (album review to follow) Currently touring Europe.

Let me know what the few of you think about this post and what I can improve on!

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