Sent By Ravens Farewell Tour @ Oasis, Charleston, SC 08.21.2012

Many know me through my undeniable passion for electronic dance music; therefore, arriving at the Oasis, I did not expect to be typing a review for a different genre. However, I quickly realized how much this show, the band specially, meant to so many people, including myself. Since last summer, hardcore rock, punk, and even screamo have been engrained into my daily life. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to the sounds of Sent By Ravens and from their passion in their work encouraged myself to live out my own studio dreams.

Photography for this event was a personal choice not chosen; therefore, I hope these words project out a vivid visual. Once taken to the stage, the connection between fan and band was immediate and "a new fire [circled the] room". The in-your-face singing and eye-to-eye contact is what I understand to make this style so unique and why the live version is a must experience; something that is deeply missed within the electronic community for countless reasons. Although many of the attendees were close friends and family members, the love in the room was visible even to a by stander. This energy is what made last night so memorable. The set list was more of a six year journey through the eyes and hearts of some very talented musicians. My ears heard a much truer definition of what I had perceived from their albums.

Hearing "Best In Me" for the first time last year brought tears to my eyes but from the words of a fan 'wait until you've heard it live'. If that four minute moment didn't even pull your heart strings, it may be questionable that you lack a soul. The first guitar thumps to "Beautiful List" took me back 9 months to my own acoustic interpretation of this particular song."This Awakening", "We're All Liars", "New Fire" and "True Bride" were among the many blissful lyrics of the night. Their vocal work is the equivalent of the famous trance trio Above & Beyond. Sent By Ravens are a 'group therapy' in themselves and it is perceivable not only through their music but their personalities. Roughly the performance was an hour long and very short lived but a privilege to all who took the time out of their weekday schedule to make the most of this farewell tour. Overall, it was harmonious evening that re-touched the lives of their year long admirers and changed the lives of newcomers.

Unlike the countless reviews in the past, I would have taken the time to point out the flaws of a show. But unlike the past performances, last night was a rare exception and I hope everyone that reads this, especially my EDM readers, take the time to remember why music is so important. And that while many of you are still stuck in the Skrillex vs. real music stage know this: Each genre, like a person, is connected to another genre, just like we are connected to other people. Rome was not built in a day and neither was my terabyte of a music collection. My renewed found love for Asking Alexandria and especially Sent By Ravens have inspired me to go beyond my musical abilities here in the music industry and perhaps even embrace a position for multiple genres.

To the members of Sent By Ravens and all who have made their musical journey a reality: Thank you for embracing your passion and sharing it the world. Your lyrics are truly life-changing and best wishes to a new chapter. "We Are The Music Makers And We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams"