Layo & Buschwacka - Feels Closer

This electronic duo came together to create a blend of jazz, lounge, trip-hop, world influences to inspire their 2006 album: Feels Closer.

Track one, Life2Life featuring Green Velvet starts off the the right atmosphere to introduce this melting pot. It continues to build it self up with a light bass and electronic sound effects, without reaching it's climax. Feels Closer featuring Mino Cinelu immediately grabs your attention with a fast pace of drum styles perfect for letting loose. Ride The Train takes you on a railroad of imaginative beats and bleeps in a more lounge environment. By far one of my favorites is Me & You featuring Tom Hutton. It's slow jazz rhythm rings in the trumpet and low sax sound straight into vocals. Be weary, this seduction is the second shortest track of the album. Smith Street is sure to boost up your energy from your head to your toes. The saxophone surfs this wave of musical height...from there each instrument introduces oneself after the other: (acoustic guitar, powerful jazz/blues vocals, turntablism) and once again the sax bring them clashing together. Sunshine In Ipanema brings out the Brazilian heat wave right off the shores of Ipanema itself. Dr. Teeth gets right down to business with a funky groove of the electric guitar, in which it clashes well with bongo drums and smooth sax surfing. Get ready to cruise in your car with all the windows down for Isn't It A Lovely Day featuring the familiar vocals of Fiztgerald and Armstrong. It is certainly not a mirage that you're hearing. We've Been Here Before brings back the deja vu of tranquil sounds from around the world. Hang Tough sounds like an International Speedway of Mind Morphing goodness to your ears. You might be weary of where this track will take you but if you're wanting to get lost in it all...let this one take there. Saudade featuring Jessy Molnar is longing to break down those stressful thoughts and entrance you into a flair of spanish guitar, caribbean steel drums, and eerie effects. K featuring the talent of Alison Jiear begins to put you into a dream like state where you're floating on a cloud and you can feel the wind sweep pass on your way back down to reality.

This album was introduced to me by my former co-workers at Monster Music & Movies.